31 May

Holcomb Valley 5/27

26 May

Demo Days 2014

We had a great time over Memorial Weekend at North Shore Trading Company‘s Demo Days. We arranged a climbing wall in the back and had some young climbers crushing it (in flip-flops!)!

Bear Climbing Company Climbing Wall

Additionally, we’re looking into distributing ropes and shoes. Lastly, climbing instruction is something we may be able to provide soon. Stay tuned!

21 May

Climbing Gear is Here!!

Quickdraws, Helmets, new Magnetron Carabiners… check it out!

Big Bear Climbing Store GearBig Bear Carabiners Climbing GearBig Bear Climbing Store Carabiners Big Bear Climbing Company Belay Devices

Come this weekend (May 24-26) for Demo Days! Try out climbing gear, kayaks, paddle boards, and more with us at the North Shore Trading Company!


Gear within our inventory:

Freewire Quickdraws
Oz Quickdraws
Hotwire Quickdraws
Positron Quickdraws

Momentum AL Harnesses
Momentum SA Harnesses
Primrose AL Harnesses (Womens)
Primrose SA Harness (Womens)

Belay Devices
ATC-Guide Belay/Rappel Device
ATC-XP Belay/Rappel Device
ATC Belay/Rappel Device

Neutrino Carabiner (all colors)
Magnetron Rocklock Carabiner
Rocklock Carabiner
Positron Carabiner

Chalk & Chalk Bags


07 May

Gear Arrived!

first shipmentWe received our first shipment of climbing gear yesterday! Everything is coming together to support you and your climbing buddies up here this season!

All available equipment is in our system and ready to sell if you need it. We’ll post an update once we receive the rest of our order. Currently we have harnesses, carabiners, slings, belay devices, chalk-bags, and chalk.

Climb safe!