31 Mar

The Season Begins!

If you’re depressed about how weak the winter was – we have the anecdote for you: rock climbing! The temperatures are perfect right now for hitting the crags.

As an informal milestone for the start of the season, Van Dusen Canyon reopened last week (surprised they even closed it for this winter!). Here’s some photographic proof from 3/29:

Van Dusen Canyon 3/29/15

Additionally, Pat Brennan from Rim of the World Climbing Club, sent us some hand drawn beta for new crags in Big Bear (north and south). I’m going to make some copies and leave them at the store for reference. Talks of organizing a new guidebook are also in the air… we’ll see.

Hope you all had a decent winter and I look forward to seeing you on the rock!


03 Nov

Commit to The Pact

Climbing has grown at an astounding rate world-wide and also in Big Bear, but what we don’t want growing at an astounding rate are trashed and fouled environments. Listen to what some preeminent climbers have to say about committing to responsible climbing and join the Access Fund’s Pact.

Currently, climbing isn’t quite recognized as a sanctioned activity in Holcomb Valley – environmental impact reports and such would need to be conducted. Unless we keep it clean and don’t trash some of the endangered flora & fauna, climbing access could be denied in the future. Keep it clean and beautiful!

Commit to The Pact from Access Fund on Vimeo.

Commit Here

07 Jul

Holcomb Valley – July 4th Weekend

26 Jun

FiveTen Shoes Arrived!

We have a few sets of FiveTen Shoes in!


  • Rogue VCS
  • Sizes: 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5


  • Rogue Lace
  • Sizes: 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5

If your size or desired model isn’t one of these, let us know! We can order it, you can support local business, and shipping only takes a day or two! Email us at spencer@bearclimbing.com or give us a ring at 909-547-5449.

Five-Ten-Rogue-VCS-Shoe-660-300x200 Shoes Small five-ten-rogue-lace-up

12 Jun

Climbing Shoes? 5.10/Adidas

Hi all!

This is Spencer with the (temporarily) gimp ankles! Last week we had some more people swing by the store including a sales rep for 5.10 shoes! Although 5.10 is now owned by Adidas, they still are pretty awesome and are located just down the hill in Redlands, CA.

If things work out, we may start carrying a line or two of 5.10 shoes in the next month or so. Which model(s) do you think we should stock?


26 May

Demo Days 2014

We had a great time over Memorial Weekend at North Shore Trading Company‘s Demo Days. We arranged a climbing wall in the back and had some young climbers crushing it (in flip-flops!)!

Bear Climbing Company Climbing Wall

Additionally, we’re looking into distributing ropes and shoes. Lastly, climbing instruction is something we may be able to provide soon. Stay tuned!

07 May

Gear Arrived!

first shipmentWe received our first shipment of climbing gear yesterday! Everything is coming together to support you and your climbing buddies up here this season!

All available equipment is in our system and ready to sell if you need it. We’ll post an update once we receive the rest of our order. Currently we have harnesses, carabiners, slings, belay devices, chalk-bags, and chalk.

Climb safe!