Do you rent gear?
No, we currently do not rent gear of any type. Issues of safety, liability, and equipment integrity preclude this option.

Do you have guidebooks?
Not yet! Brad Singer’s Hidden Treasures guidebook has been out of print for ages. We might save one at the store to look at, but we don’t have any copies for sale (FYI, Brad is a birder now). On the flip-flop, discussions of creating a new guidebook over the summer are buzzing around. Stay tuned!

Do you have climbing lessons/guided trips?
No, access issues currently preclude commercially guided trips. This issue is being researched.

How will proceeds benefit local crags?
The San Bernardino Mountains are a popular get-away for many folks, providing respite from busy, loud, and dirtier environments. Unfortunately, litter is left by visitors – sometimes by accident or ignorance. Regardless, we think that clean climbing areas help everyone enjoy what Big Bear Valley has to offer. Part of our commitment to benefit local crags include the organization and sponsorship of local crag clean-ups. This includes provision of trash bags, drinks, and snacks for volunteers. Once we get going, such activities will be posted on this website (hopefully mid to late summer). For more information, email spencer@bearclimbing.com.